The only DC design and brand consultants working exclusively with social enterprises.

We favor the bold.

Our brand consultancy is for you; the brave impact business leader whose contributing something unique to the world of consumerism in order to transform lives. You get differentiation and you aren’t impressed with what’s been done before. No, not you.

You’re looking for a depth-testing branding processes. You scoff at trends and salivate at the opportunity to craft a brand that shocks, surprises and delights its customers with unforgettable experiences.

That’s you, isn’t it? We thought so. Let’s talk.

We start with conversation.

Ralston Vaz

Ralston Vaz

Focus: Brand Strategy and Design

You, me and a good window seat at your favorite cafe for a long chat about your impact brand. That’s a good morning!

I want to lean in as you tell me how it all began and let the bigness of your brand’s true worth hit me. Because 16 years designing and developing brands tells me it’s there; your potential to achieve greater and connect deeper than you ever thought possible. I want to help you see it—how the right mix of deep understanding, bold positioning and honest design can pierce market clutter for the win.

Call me and let’s grab that coffee.

Alicia Vaz

Alicia Vaz

Focus: Business Development and Relationship

Let’s have lunch! I want to be your audience of one as you share all your big dreams of social good and impact.

I want to listen to your ideas for scaling your social enterprise to transform even more lives. I’ll reach into my rich entrepreneurial experiences to imagine how you can achieve a sustainable success that stems from a revolutionary brand strategy. A strategy that’ll put you first in the minds of the customers, community members and impact investors to whom your brand will be irresistible.

This is the good stuff. Let’s eat!

We are driven by our values and beliefs.

Love People.

Loving one another without limits was the greatest command ever given. So we’ll always put people before product and remember we’re in the business of transforming lives.

Be Generous.

We actively develop habits of generosity and practice offering others the last of our best whenever possible. For us, it isn’t about giving back. It’s about being generous—frequently giving to those whom we owe nothing.

Design Everything.

We believe design is about leveraging understanding to achieve some purpose. It’s a philosophy that keeps us intentional, shaping everything from an ad to a logo to a workshop.

Much can be accomplished with trust and time.

Hope, made visible, changes a person’s entire world.

Impressions are fleeting. Impact requires investment.

Read all our beliefs

We love your questions.

“Will you work with my social enterprise?”
We’d love to! Let’s spend some time making sure we’re a good fit for one another.

Just call us at 770-361-3318 to begin exploring a partnership with us. You can also use this site to assess our suitability for your social enterprise and the challenge it’s facing right now.

After you’ve browsed some of our work, familiarized yourself with what we do, gotten a sense of what we believe and how we think, get in touch. We’ll chat and get a feel for whether we’re the best brand consultants for you.

“What sort of companies do you work with?”
We work exclusively with social enterprises. More specifically, social enterprise consumer brands. We’re also equipped to aptly advise ministries and nonprofit organizations and do from time to time.
Our methods and processes are ideal for B2C impact businesses. Brands of social good driven by a big idea that galvanizes people and makes a positively meaningful impact in the world. Brands that people believe in, not merely utilize.
“Why is there so much to read on your project pages?!”
Oh, that’s an easy one. We want you to engage Thinkory because you’re moved by why we did what we did. To facilitate that, we share the stories and strategies behind the work we’ve done.

The strategic ‘why’ behind the alluring ‘what’ means the world to us at Thinkory. If that matters to you too we should talk!