Brand Naming

Brand Naming: A process of developing a word or phase to reflect the brand’s character.


Distinctive, meaningful, future-facing. A good name for a compelling brand is a mighty asset. The right name can do wonders to accelerate market presence and acceptance. And so the search and selection of the right name for your company is a deeply explorative process.

We begin with achieving an intimate understanding of your company, its reputation, its brand. Purpose and precepts are examined closely alongside offerings to find traits true to your brand’s core. Traits that ring true to people who encounter your brand. Traits to which people will feel drawn.

Once we’ve reached an agreement on those traits and the desired perception of your brand, we define the criteria for your company’s perfectly right name and get to the work of crafting its moniker.

Many names will be captured, evaluated and tested in the field.

What we’re in search of is a name with enduring suitability. A name tailor made to fit not just the present and future states of your brand, but the people, community and culture for whom your brand is meant. For them, your name must be found easy to say, spell and remember. The ideal name will motivate word of mouth transmission traveling far and wide!

At the end of our process, yours will be a name that we feel in our collective gut is brilliantly right for your brand—for all you are and all you’ll be.