Identity Design

Identity Design: A brandmark or visual aspect used to associate your brand with something.

You recognize a friend when you see their face (it’s always the same so its a dependable trait). That recognition is affirmed when you hear their voice, or note the way they speak, or observe their style of dress. Even a familiar scent can confirm your friend’s identification. These sensory cues comprise our identity. They are the tools we use daily to navigate our world with confidence.

It’s in this spirit that we will craft your brandmark and identity system; a uniquely distinctive, brilliantly memorable and perfectly suitable set of sensory cues by which people can identify you, recall your reputation and choose your brand with confidence.

We start by getting a narrowed focus on the challenges you're facing.

That focus gives us a deep appreciation for the goals of your brand. And that appreciation enables us to set meaningful objectives for your mark. And questions are what’ll get us there. Are we evolving an existing identity system to reignite a brand while leveraging hard-earned brand equity? Or are we blazing a new trail with a mark for a vigorously ambitious startup? Unified with understanding and with appropriate objectives set, we work with you to make visual, audible, tangible the core values, message and big idea that define your brand.

In the end, you’ll have a brilliant mark, identity system and style guide that work together to be your brand’s greatest asset.

(And, because you were awesome to work with, we’ll have a story we can’t stop telling.)